FLAT PANEL LIGHT 16W 300*300mm

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1.   Instant start: < 1.2s, no flashing, no noise as it starts.
2.   Bautiful outlook, super thin design, shock proof
3.   Using outside constant-current isolation power driver, high durability and efficiency
4.   More than 80% enegy saving while replacing traditional incandescent downlights
5.   Durable and reliable, chipset life > 50,000 hours, big saving on maintenance cost
6.   Adopt pure aluminum for heating dissipation, low temperature and no RF Interference
7.   No mercury or other hazardous materials, RoHs compliant 
8.   Special reflective system design with super high efficacy
9.   Easy installation, with a variety of installation options for customers to choose.
10. Uniform and effective lighting distribution: > 90 %
11. Housing: Aluminum alloy  with leading light transmitting optical insulation
12. Working temperature from -20°C to 45°C, suitable for odd climate and rough environment
13. Low optical decay

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